Day One

  • 8h30 – 9h30 : Registration
  • 9h30 – 10h30 : Welcome & Introduction Talk by Michel Denis : “EWIC in perspective : Three decades of research in mental imagery and visuo-spatial cognition”
  • 10h30 -11h10 : Individual Differences 1
    • Hay, Wantz, Houdé & Borst : The Mind’s Eye: Developing a New Approach to Investigate Individual Differences in Object- and Space-Based Mental Imagery
    • Ciobanu, Ruggeri, Meziane & Brandner: Target detection and attention: what the eye movements teach us?
  • 11h10 – 11h40 : Coffee Break
  • 11h40 – 12h40 : Individual Differences 2
    • Auvray & Arnold : Learning to use sensory substitution devices: individual specificities and differences between sighted and visually impaired people
    • Madden-Lombardi, Jouen, Ford Dominey &  Ventre-Dominey : Sequential Coherence in Sentence Pairs Enhances Imagery
    • Meziane,Ciobanu, Ruggeri & Brandner : Neural dynamics and event-related brain potentials of attention allocation: effects of sex and trait anxiety
  • 12h40 – 13h : Poster Spotlight presentation
  • 13h – 14h30 : Lunch Time & Poster Session
  • 14h30 – 16h10 : Visual Imagery 1
    • Camarda, Hay, Borst, Houdé & Cassotti : Imagine the unknown : Do we need mental imagery to be creative ?
    • Baruch & Tal : Blind Imagery? Exploring the Role of Visual Awareness in Visual Mental Imagery
    • Hupé, Ruiz & Dojat : Probing the neural correlates of imagined colors using grapheme-color synesthesia
    • Boccia, Sulpizio, Palermo, Piccardi, Guariglia & Galati : Neural correlates and context-dependent connectivity of imagined and perceived familiar landmarks: evidence for a dynamic neural network
    • Bhatt & Suchan : Deep Semantics for Dynamic Visuo-Spatial Imagery: Cognitive Computational Modelling for Embodied Visuo-Locomotive Perception and Interpretation
  • 16h10-16h40 : Coffee Break
  • 16h40 – 17h20 : Visual Imagery 2
    • Meirhaeghe & Mélan : The role of gravity in mental rotation and social perspective-taking: a preliminary study
    • Cattaneo, Ferrari, Lega & Nadal : Neural bases of aesthetic appreciation: evidence from brain stimulation
  • 17h20 – 18h20 : Information workshop on ERC funding opportunities

20h00 Social Dinner : Traditional EWIC Cruise on the Seine

[Last chance to register for the social dinner : May 31st]



  1. Guezenec, Afonso Jaco & Piolino : Impact of visual deprivation in episodic autobiographical construction across past and future temporalities
  2. La Corte, Facque, Abram, Michon, Guignebert, Dubois & Piolino: Ecological prospective memory assessment in early Alzheimer’s disease: evidence from virtual reality
  3. Leo, Chiesa, Schmidt, Tinti & Brayda : Recalling graphical traits with programmable tactile displays improves spatial abilities in young visually impaired persons
  4. Blanchet, Fortin & Grondin : Neural mechanisms of semantic organizational strategies in episodic encoding in older adults having sustained a traumatic brain injury: An event-related potentials study
  5. Abichou, Hubert & Piolino : Episodic memory, Sleep and Aging, a Virtual Reality Study
  6. Lhuillier, Gyselinck, Dutriaux & Grison : Is motor mental simulation used during route planning?
  7. Muffato, Meneghetti & De Beni : The role of age and visuo-spatial abilities in navigation
  8. Rahe, Ruthsatz &  Quaiser-Pohl : Is childhood play with LEGO® more important than gender for individual differences in mental-rotation performance?
  9. Gémonet, Grison & Gyselinck : Planning a route on a map: which route will you prefer?
  10. Jordan, Logie & Overy : Music Cognition and Working Memory: Exploring a tonal loop
  11. Vecchi, Ferrari, Lega & Cattaneo : The cerebellar contribution in cognitive and emotional processes
  12. Ferreira Dias Kanthack, Guillot, Guizard, Collet & Di Rienzo : Going further: The use of motor imagery to improve stretching performance

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